TymeTech On-Line Backup

Ever wondered what you would do if your data was lost?  When will your system be back up and running?  And if everything can be recovered if disaster were to strike today?

Loss of data due to computer burn-outPersonal or business documents, system files, valuable pictures, critical business accounting files, etc. lost without a clue on how to get it back or how much it will cost.   When disaster arrives is something we could never predict.  Either a fire a flood, files accidentally deleted, data lost by virus attacks, or simply a bad disk drive that just gave up can give you headaches for days, even weeks not to mention the cost trying to recover your data. 

TymeTech has a low cost solution for you!  We know how important you data is to you and your business so we implemented a on-line backup to relieve the stress that data loss promotes. 

We provide a effective backup solution tailored to your needs.  You can begin with as small as 1 GB of storage space and add as you go along.  You can also backup multiple computers to one account if needed.  What ever the case may be, having your data backed-up to an reputable, reliable and secure off-site facility can relieve you from a lot of stress if disaster strikes.  For pennies on the dollar, we strongly recommend this service to you.

TymeTech is offering 2 GB free secure storage to use for your company accounting files for businesses running Quickbooks, Quicken or Peachtree software.  Call TymeTech today for a free consultation.

Your data is secured from the minute it leaves your computer.

  • A unique encryption key is generated by TymeTech Remote Backup during installation
  • Data that is ready for backup is compressed and encrypted locking the data for transfer
  • Data is transferred using the SSL protocol to TymeTech Data Services backup servers
  • Encrypted data is transferred back to the user via the SSL protocol following a request for the restoration of some or all of the user's backed up data
  • Restored data arrives back on the user's computer where it is unlocked utilizing the user's unique encryption key.
  • Finally, data is restored, accessible and ready to use.

Our Data Center - LATISYS

More_Security. More_Access. More_Reliability.

Your Data will be safely stored in a highly secured in LATISYS Data Center in Chicago.

At 99,000 square feet, Latisys-
Chicago is one of the largest
Tier III data centers in North
America, specifically designed and
constructed to deliver world-class
physical security, power availability,
infrastructure flexibility and growth
capacity. That is exactly why Latisys
is quickly becoming the managed IT
provider of choice for Fortune 1000
and start-up companies alike.

To protect your mission-critical
operations, Latisys maintains a tight
and multi-layered security system.
Video surveillance and electronic
motion sensors provide continuous
interior and exterior observation
and 30-day retained storage. The
building’s single entry point is
outfitted with sophisticated security
sensors, vandal-resistant and bulletproof
glass, full biometric hand
scanning and man-traps. In
addition to the physical security features, the data center is also
monitored 24x7x365, with all detected
issues proactively tracked and acted
upon for immediate resolution. We
also operate a highly secure NOC
with 99.999% uptime.
Computer Tower


Our Managed Services are tailored to
relieve increasingly burdened IT staff
from their many routine, non-revenue
generating tasks. Clients choose to
utilize our fully integrated managed
service solutions to balance workload,
fill server and infrastructure knowledge
gaps, outsource critical applications
and supplement existing systems
and resources.

Our rapid response specialists offer
real-time turnaround of your dedicated
or colocated servers to make sure your
business is ready to take advantage
of every market upswing all while
optimizing your ROI.

Monthly or Annual Pricing:  

5-100GB at 45¢ Per GB   (Cost per gigabyte on initial 100GB of data)

100-1000GB at 35¢ Per GB  (Cost per gigabyte on 100-1000GB of data)

1000GB+  at 30¢ Per GB (Cost per gigabyte on 1000GB or more of data)

Example:  10GB of data for $4.00 Monthly /  $48 Annually

(No limit on number of computers. Distribute your storage as needed.)

Call today and get peace of mind knowing your data is backed up and safe for when you need it.  
(973) 302-7701

Included with every plan
▪ 7AM - 7PM EST Monday-Friday US based phone support
▪ Storage is calculated on compressed data
▪ Completely automatic backup