Data Recovery
TymeTech On-Site Computer Services has added another critical service (Data Recovery) to it's list of services.   About 80% of the data from a failed drive can be recovered at our service center with software.  This software can access your drive most of the time when you can't.  It's not that expensive and you get charged for the data recovered.  Most clients hope their data is retrievable in this manner due to cost.  However, sometimes it is not retrievable with software and we have to take other measures depending on how important the data is to you. 
We recently partnered with Gilware Inc., a fully equipped and staffed Data Recovery Service Provider ready to retrieve your data from a dead, inaccessible, burnt or damaged hard disk drive.  Whether its from a laptop, desktop or server, standalone or raid set.  They have been in business for over eight years and have partnered with us (TymeTech) to assist in restoring our clients lost data inexpensively and promplty. When the hard drive has damage to its internal parts, such as the drive motor or the headstack assembly, we refer the case to Gillware Inc., a highly regarded data recovery labThe client will only pay for retrieved data.  Not the lost, unretrievable data.  Why should you pay for what is not restored?
How your data is stored.If you experience a hard drive failure,
TymeTech will refer you to our partners Gilware Inc. and assit in recovering your data. The first step is for our trained professionals to evaluate the potential causes for drive failure. Our approach is cautious and we ensure, first of all, that no further harm will come to your computer. Our success rate for recovering your data without taking extreme measures is very good. When an invasive solution is necessary, though, we work with our business partner, Gillware Inc., an industry leading data recovery lab. 
Engineers at Gillware will evaluate your drive and will estimate the cost of the recovery based on whether clean room work will be necessary, as well as other factors.
Data losses are hard to take, and we're here to give you the best professional service possible.
Data losses can be heartbreaking, and we're here to give you the best path to recovery.
Gillware does not charge any fee unless you are satisfied with the recovered data, which you will be able to verify in advance.
Do not waste another day! TymeTech On-Site Computer Services is waiting to assist you and get the ball rolling. We want to  help you get your business up and running as quickly as possible as much as you do. Our trained staff will assist you every step of the way and will not rest until your valuable data is back in your hands.
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