Computer Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting a computer system, whether it's a desktop, laptop, server or printer, can be tedious but time consuming.  This is where experience, knowledge and patience play a key role in getting your system up fast.
Whether it's hardware or software, good troubleshooting skills separates the real technicians from the wanna bees.  In either case, troubleshooting can consume 80% to 90% of the time spent repairing your system.  Users use different computers in different environments, different software and all have different internet habits. 
Most of troubleshooting is common sense to the computer savy friend, neighbor or family member.  But, sometimes that something else that they don't know is what's causing the problem.
The majority of the problems are caused by viruses, malware or spyware.   Another cause of system malfunction is dust buildup within your system.  Once this buildup of dust, fibers, lint, etc. is formed and the heat generated inside is trapped, it won't be long before your system is down.  To determine what exactly burnt and is keeping your system from powering up is where we come in.
Information Technology Room.With the proper tools used by our experience technicians, we can determine the cause of the problem almost immediately.  Most of the times your system can be fixed the same day or by the next day.  The only time that your system may be down more than two days would be if special parts need to be ordered.  This may take 3 to 6 business days determining which vendor has the part or it's availability.  You do have the option to pay for overnight shipping.
These days most computer users have some knowledge of computers, compared to the end-users a decade ago. Some may have a friend, a neighbor or maybe a family member that has some knowledge or experience with computers.
Call us, stop in or send us a email so we can help you.
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(A small additional charge may apply if travel to site exceeds 15 mile radius)
TERMS AND CONDITIONS   The TymeTech receipt will need to be presented to the technician for verification prior to any service being performed. You will be called to review your service and any additional requirements for carry-in service.
Customer Responsibilities: An adult (18 years or older) must be present during the entire installation or repair process. If the technician arrives at the scheduled time and no adult is present, or if the adult leaves prior to the service being completed, the technician will leave and you will be subject to the stated service charges.  You must type in all passwords for security purposes.  is not responsible for lost data – please ensure you have backed up your important data prior to any service. Customer is responsible for any data migration to a new PC or hard drive. Data transfers are available for an additional fee. Customer is responsible for the removal of any packing materials or trash. There will be a $50 fee for any cancellation within 24 hours of scheduled on-site service.  Technical Service fees are nonrefundable once the service process has begun (any cancellations must be made prior to actual service to receive any prorated refund).
Express Notebook Repair: Outlined prices do not cover liquid spillage, impact damage, missing parts or any effects of neglect, misuse or abuse discovered at check-in or while in our lab. Service requires a $65 nonrefundable diagnostic fee once service is initiated.  There are certain proprietary brands that TymeTech may not be able to repair due to part availability. This will be communicated if TymeTech is unable to repair your machine.
Tasks That Must Be Completed Prior to Install or Repair: Please back up all vital data files prior to service being performed.  TymeTech is not responsible for loss of data. Any hardware devices, components, peripherals, software or cabling needed for the install must be purchased and supplied by you.  If network connectivity is desired for multiple devices, you must supply device (router, hub, modem or switch) with adequate number of ports to support the required number of devices.  ISP/Internet or home network connection must be activated and working properly prior to any related install.  All equipment being installed must be located in the general area where the install is taking place.  The technician must be given immediate access to the equipment so the service call can begin as scheduled.
Customer must provide adequate environment (power, space, etc.) for the scheduled service. Customer is responsible for providing power cords and surge protectors. Customer must have available all legally licensed software and media that may be required.
Service Warranty:  TymeTech warranties its workmanship for a period of 30 days from the service date. This includes issues with the configured installation set up by the technician.  TymeTech is not responsible for issues due to setting changes, new software upgrades, ISP connection issues, relocation, viruses or spyware issues, or misuse.  A complete terms and conditions document will be supplied to you at the scheduled service call.
  • Additional trips not covered by the warranty will be subject to charges.
  • Tutorial services are not covered under this warranty
  • TymeTech warranty is only valid on virus, spyware and malware removal service if TymeTech technician verifies proper protection against such threats System Minimum Requirements for Networking: Please check to see that your computer meets these minimum requirements:
  • Windows® disk or restore disk must be available with key code at the time of installation
  • A broadband or cable connection must be active before the installer arrives
  • All computers to be networked must be virus free and all devices being connected must be in good working condition
  • Internet connection, router and primary PC must be in the same room