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The Computer Service Provider that you can trust.
Specialist at workTymeTech On-Site Computer Services provides cost effective, high quality services and repairs for all major brands of desktop, laptops, servers, and printers.  Certified in brand names like Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, Sony, eMachine, Toshiba, IBM and Apple.  With 25 years experience as computer service provider in corporate, data center, small business and residential.
We also provide (RMS) Remote Managed Services and Support, for monitoring and supporting your small business infrastructure remotely.  This gives us an edge in responding quickly to new events that may be catastrophic and hold your business down for hours.
TymeTech is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction everyday.  We will do everything we can to meet or exceed your expectations while at the same time minimizing your down time without hurting your pocket.
We know how important your computer system is to you. Whether it's your business or your home computer, server, your laptop or printer, we can help.
If your computer is slow, has a virus, doesn't boot, screen is cracked, can't print or simply can't get onto the Internet, our trained staff is ready to resolve the problem either remotely, in your home or business, by phone or in TymeTech Service Center.
" We guarantee that the problems with your computer system, printer, or network will be resolved as quickly as possible so you can get back to business."

Cellphone Repair Service

We can fix your cellphone (Iphone, Samsung Galaxy, etc.).  We can replace that cracked screen, damaged charging port and more. We stock quality Grade Iphone 4, 4s, 5 and 5s screens and Samsung S3, S4 and S5 screen glass.  

Same Day Service

On-Site Computer Services
at your home or business for your convenience
Don't want to disconnect your computer and bring it into our service center?  Then we will come to you and fix the problem there.  Whether it's home or business, TymeTech has qualified technicians ready to be dispatched to troubleshoot and fix the problem on-site. 
Computer not booting or no internet connection, we can fix it.
We are just a phone call away to get your system up and running again like it should.
Laptop Repair
If your laptop is not booting up, freezes, runs slow or shuts down suddenly, then it's time to take it to the experts.  A notebook that's overheating can burn internal components. This can be prevented by having cleaned professionally.  Don't wait until disaster strikes.  We will diagnose the problem, find the best solution and get it fixed in a reasonable time. 
Free Diagnose when brought into our repair center
Is your laptop screen cracked?
Drop your laptop off at TymeTech Repair Center and we will have it ready within 24 hours with a new screen.  We replace all types and sizes of laptop screens on any make and model. 
Some laptops have special screens which require special orders for that particular model. 
Call us today for a free price quote.
Secure Online Backup
Free for your Business Accounting Company files up to 2gb for unlimited time.
Get your Quickbooks, Quicken or Peachtree accounting software backed up on-line in a safe data center with TymeTech Online Backup.  We are HIPAA  and SOX compliant.

We offer 2gb storage space on-line to businesses accounting software free for unlimited time.  Your data will be secure from the time it leaves your computer to the time your data is restored.
(This is not a trial, it's unlimited use, it's yours, it's safe and it's free)
This is how it works:
  • A unique encryption key is generated by TymeTech Remote Backup Software during installation
  • Data that is ready for backup is compressed and encrypted locking the data for transfer
  • Data is transferred using the SSL protocol to TymeTech Data Services backup servers
  • Encrypted data is transferred back to the user via the SSL protocol following a request for the restoration of some or all of the user's backed up data
  • Restored data arrives back on the user's computer where it is unlocked utilizing the user's unique encryption key.

You can try it free for 30-days to backup your personal files.
It's 45 cents per gigabyte of space up to 100gb
40 cents per gigabyte of space up to 1000gb
35 cents per gigabyte over 1000gb
After 30-days
Virus, Malware & Adware Removal + Tune-Up SPECIAL $119.98
black laptop spy watch 400 clr
Get your laptop or computer professionally cleaned from viruses, malware, adware and spyware at TymeTech Service Center
Some viruses are difficult to remove, and others corrupt your Windows operating system which may require a backup of your data and re-installation of Windows and applications.  TymeTech has a very good success rate in removing viruses without data loss, or data corruption. 
  (Additional computers cleaned for $99.98.)
This offer is for in-shop service only.  Pickup and drop-off service is offered for a small charge of $30.00.  

Need your  HDTV installed on the wall?
TymeTech can install your flat screen on the wall for you.  Wires can be hidden behind the wall or concealed in plastic wire moldings to give a elegant look to your living space.  We also repair flat screen tv.  Any make or model. 
Special $99.98
Any size flat screen mounted on the wall with wires concealed in a paintable wire molding.
(Mounting bracket and cables provided by customer.  Inside wall cabling is extra)
" We guarantee our work"
Contact us for a customized service solution tailored for your needs.
You can rest assure that your computer equipment and data are safe and secure at TymeTech.  Our technicians and staff members background have been screened by  PLUS ONE SOLUTIONS.
Reviews are taken very seriously at TymeTech.
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